NZNO Mental Health Nurses Section Newsletter – March 2022

Message from the MHNS Committee

Two years of world-leading public health responses kept Aotearoa safe from the worst effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Now the Omicron wave is here. MHNS members are in our thoughts at this time, whether managing suspected or confirmed Covid cases among our tāngata whai ora or isolating at home yourselves.

A newly-published open-access paper in the NZ Medical Journal [Every-Palmer et al., 2022] highlights how the wellbeing of New Zealanders with mental health and addiction issues has been disproportionately affected by Covid-19. Structural discrimination experienced by our client group in the vaccine roll-out has worsened this inequity, with just 80 percent of mental health consumers and 78 percent of AOD service users being fully vaccinated as at 14 February 2022. For tāngata whai ora Māori, the data on vaccinations are even more concerning, being 74 percent and 72 percent respectively.

In brighter news, however, anecdotal evidence suggests that infection prevention and control measures in workplaces are proving effective. A message sent on 2 March 2022 to all staff at Capital and Coast DHB and Hutt Valley DHB from CEO Fionnagh Dougan, for instance, said that despite the rising number of staff isolating at home, “There has been no spread that we are aware of in our clinical areas where staff have been excellent at wearing the appropriate PPE and following infection control processes.”

As we wish our members a safe and healthy emergence from the Omicron wave, we also look forward to the longer-term restructuring of the mental health, addictions and intellectual disability sector. Although the last issue of the MHNS Newsletter promised that we would showcase the International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, the Committee has chosen to include in this issue a pay-walled feature article which the NZ Medical Journal has kindly allowed us to re-publish, ‘New Zealand’s mental health crisis, He Ara Oranga and the future’. We found this article particularly thought-provoking. We hope that you do, too.

Committee news

The MHNS Committee met by Zoom for an additional unscheduled meeting on 1 February. The main item on the agenda was the 2022 Mental Health Nurses Forum. After postponing the Forum until March 2022 due to the Delta outbreak last year, we were forced to cancel the in-person event altogether on account of the Omicron outbreak. The Committee is working with our presenters on rescheduling Forum sessions, to be held by Zoom later in the year.

We also reviewed our process for producing the MHNS submission on Transforming Our Mental Health Law. The submission closing date of 28 January made it difficult to consult with members over the holiday season. The Wellington Anniversary Day closure of the NZNO National Office, along with the half-day closure on the preceding Friday, also shortened our consultation period by four days, while NZNO staffing issues prevented us from obtaining support from the NZNO policy team. We apologise to members for the curtailed consultation, we commit to giving greater opportunity to input in future submissions and we thank those who managed to get their thoughts to us in time. The final version of the MHNS submission is available here.

Lastly we discussed the review of the NZNO Constitution. As one of the movers of the 2020 remit for a full and independent review, the MHNS Committee is represented on the Constitutional Review Advisory Group. We are committed to a democratic, membership- driven Constitution for NZNO in accordance with the NZNO Strategic Plan 2021-25.

Committee vacancies – call for nominations

The MHNS Committee – currently made up of Helen Garrick (Chairperson), Margaret Daniela (Minute Secretary), Jennie Rae (Treasurer), Brent Doncliff (Committee member/Facebook group administrator) and Grant Brookes (Committee member/Newsletter editor) – is still looking to co-opt two additional members. This is an opportunity to get a taste of Section leadership, for a shortened term up until the Biennial General Meeting in August 2022. We invite any new, emerging leaders to join us. To express you interest, please click here for the nomination form.


Structural discrimination in the COVID-19 vaccination programme for people with mental health and addiction issues: now is the time to be equally well
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Issue Information. Pages: 241-242 First Published: 01 March 2022

Free Access
Combating loneliness and isolation and promoting good mental health – One ukulele at a time
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Review Articles
Vicarious trauma and nursing: An integrative review
Sophie Isobel PhD, RN(BN), grad cert CFHN, CAMH, Res Meth, Margaret Thomas RN(BN), MMHN, BSc
Pages: 247-259 First Published: 19 November 2021

Open Access
What evidence supports the use of Body Worn Cameras in mental health inpatient wards? A systematic review and narrative synthesis of the effects of Body Worn Cameras in public sector services
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Original Articles
Concept analysis of shame in nursing
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The influence of a self-determination theory grounded clinical placement on nursing student’s therapeutic relationship skills: A pre-test/post-test study
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A qualitative study exploring adolescents’ perspective about Mental Health First Aid Training Programmes promoted by nurses in upper secondary schools
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Review Articles
What are the experiences and the perceptions of service users attending Emergency Department for a mental health crisis? A systematic review
Maya Sacre RGN, RMN, MSc, Rikke Albert RMN, MSc, Juanita Hoe RMN, PhD Pages: 400-423 First Published: 23 December 2021

Open Access
Valued attributes of professional support for people who repeatedly self-harm: A systematic review and meta-synthesis of first-hand accounts
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Pages: 424-441 First Published: 15 January 2022

Letter to the Editor
There must be a better way: The implementation of a nurse-led mental health service to support people living with a mental health condition
Lesley J. Douglas PhD, CMHN, MFMH, Grad. Dip. Midwifery, BH (MH), Eilish P. O’Shea Pages: 442-444 First Published: 01 February 2022

Feature article

New Zealand’s mental health crisis, He Ara Oranga and the future Roger T Mulder, Tarun Bastiampillai, Anthony Jorm, Stephen Allison. NZMJ135(1548) 21 January 2022, pages 89-95.

Click on the image below to read the article.

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