Welcome to the re-launched Mental Health Nurses Section Newsletter

There’s always a bit of excitement around Issue 1 of a new periodical – and so it is, for us. 

Born of necessity after the demise of the Stop4th Nursing Information Provision Service (SNIPS), which provided our content up until July, the MHNS Newsletter will now showcase the International Journal of Mental Health Nursing. Each issue will feature a local article from the journal and the contents list. Full access to the journal is a benefit of MHNS membership. To obtain an article, please email library@nzno.org.nz with the citation of the full text article you would like. The MHNS Newsletter now be coming to you bimonthly, matching the IJMHN publication schedule. 

Committee news

The MHNS Committee met over two days on 18-19 November. Due to the Covid Alert Level in Auckland, the meeting was a blend of Zoom and face to face participation. 

Our full agenda included discussions with the MOH Deputy Director of Mental Health, Toni Dal Din, and MOH Principal Advisor Anne Brebner. Toni spoke to us briefly about reviewing guidelines for statutory officers, for the transport of special patients and for seclusion. 

But the bulk of his kōrero was about the repeal and replacement of the Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992. The first phase of consultation on transforming our mental health law closes on 28 January, with further consultations to follow. Drafting of the new legislation is due to take place in 2023. The MHNS Committee will ensure that members’ voices are heard in this process.

Anne Brebner spoke about the role of the Specialist Services Team and the other parts of the Ministry which it interfaces with. A major piece of work for her team is the forthcoming Mental Health and Addiction System and Services Framework. This will guide the first major reconfiguration of the sector since the Blueprint for Mental Health Services in 1998. 

We also discussed the review of the NZNO Constitution. As one of the movers of the 2020 remit for a full and independent review, the MHNS Committee is represented on the Constitutional Review Advisory Group. The independent consultants who are assisting with the review zoomed in for this agenda item. 

The November meeting farewelled Philip Ferris-Day and James Mather, who are both stepping down to pursue new opportunities. We are appreciative of Phillip’s long service and many contributions on the Committee over the last four and a half years, and we are very grateful that James and former Committee member Cecil Williams will continue their “on the ground” assistance in preparing for the 2022 Mental Health Nurses Forum. The Committee is now: 

  • Helen Garrick (Chairperson)
  • Margaret Daniela (Minute Secretary)
  • Jennie Rae (Treasurer)
  • Brent Doncliff (Committee member/Facebook group administrator)
  • Grant Brookes (Committee member/Newsletter editor)

Committee vacancies – call for nominations

The departures of Philip Ferris-Day and James Mather mean that the MHNS Committee is now looking to co-opt two additional members. This is an opportunity to get a taste of Section leadership, for a shortened term up until the Biennial General Meeting in August 2022. We invite any new, emerging leaders to join us. Please click here for the nomination form. Nominations close 17th January 2022. 

2022 Mental Health Nurses Forum – Registrations now open

As announced by email on 1 December, the rescheduled Mental Health Nurses Forum is back on for 2022. Presented in collaboration with Southern District Health Board, this MHNS Forum is an excellent professional development opportunity for any Mental Health Nurse.

  • Date: Friday, 18 March 2022
  • Venue: Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum, Dunedin
  • Theme: “Capacity and Duty of Care”

Click here for the forum flyer.

All details can be found on the Mental Health Nurses Section webpage. We look forward to seeing you there.

NZNO Mental Health Nurses Section Committee 

IJMHN, Vol. 30 No. 6, December 2021

Issue Information
Pages: 1471-1472 

Mental health, climate change, and bushfires: What’s colonization got to do with it?
Kisani Upward RN, BN, MPhiL Candidate, Vicki Saunders BPsych, MPH, PhD, Myfanwy Maple PhD BSW (Hons) GCTE GCAdolHlthWlf GAICD, Kim Usher AM, RN, PhD, FACMHN
Pages: 1473-1475

Understanding the factors that affect retention within the mental health nursing workforce: a systematic review and thematic synthesis 
Rosie Adams MSc, RMN, Tony Ryan PhD, Emily Wood PhD, RN
Pages: 1476-1497 

Improving the physical health of young people with early psychosis with lifestyle interventions: Scoping review
Ting Ting Hui RN, BC, MNP, PGDipMHN, MMHN, PhD Candidate, Loretta Garvey RN, BN (Hons), GCHPE, PhD, Michael Olasoji RN, BN (Hons), PGDipMHN, PhD.
Pages: 1498-1524 

An integrated review of the barriers and facilitators for accessing and engaging with mental health in a rural setting
Philip Ferris-Day RN, MMH, Karen Hoare PhD NP MSc, Rhonda L. Wilson RN, CMHN, BNSc, MN (Hons), PhD, Claire Minton RN, PhD, Andrea Donaldson PhD, MSc, BSc, BN, CATE, RCN
Pages: 1525-1538 

‘Acknowledge me as a capable person’: How people with mental ill health describe their experiences with general emergency care staff – A qualitative interview study
Katharina Derblom RN MSc, Jenny Molin RN PhD, Sebastian Gabrielsson RN PhD, Britt-Marie Lindgren RN PhD
Pages: 1539-1549 

Prevalence and severity of verbal, physical, and sexual inpatient violence against nurses in Swiss psychiatric hospitals and associated nurse-related characteristics: Cross-sectional multicentre study
Nanja Schlup MScN, Beatrice Gehri MScN, Michael Simon PhD RN
Pages: 1550-1563 

Nursing students’ attitudes towards alcohol use disorders and related issues: A comparative study in four American countries
Luz Patricia Diaz Heredia PhD, MSN, BSN, Divane de Vargas PhD, MSN, BSN, Erika Gisseth León Ramírez PhD, MSN, BSN, Madeline Naegle PhD, CNS-PMH, BC, FAAN
Pages: 1564-1574 

“Modifying” or “Retreating”– Self-management of physical health among a group of people with schizophrenia. An ethnographic study from Denmark
Birgitte Lerbæk, Rikke Jørgensen, Niels Buus, Marlene Briciet Lauritsen, Jørgen Aagaard, Julie Nordgaard, Andrea McCloughen
Pages: 1575-1587 

Towards epistemic justice doing: Examining the experiences and shifts in knowledge of lived experience researchers over the course of a mental health research training programme
Brett Bellingham, Holly Kemp BA, Katherine Boydell PhD, Sophie Isobel PhD, Katherine Gill PhD, Jo River PhD
Pages: 1588-1598 

Digital risks and adolescents: The relationships between digital game addiction, emotional eating, and aggression
Nuray Caner PhD, RN, Derya Evgin PhD, RN
Pages: 1599-1609 

Cultural issues on accessing mental health services in Nepali and Iranian migrants communities in the UK
Bibha Simkhada PhD, BA, BSc, RGN, Mariam Vahdaninia PhD, MSc, Edwin van Teijlingen PhD, MA (Hon), MEd, Hannah Blunt BSc (Hon), RMN
Pages: 1610-1619 

Exploring the experience of acute inpatient mental health care from the perspective of family and carers of people experiencing psychosis: A qualitative thematic analysis study conducted during the COVID- 19 pandemic
Lisa Wood BSc, MRes, DClinPsy, PhD, Callam Constant BSc, Alison Byrne BSc Msc
Pages: 1620-1629 

‘First tonight, the contentious new code telling nurses to say, ‘sorry for being white’: Mental health nurses’ beliefs about their Code of Conduct and cultural safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
Luke Molloy PhD, RPN, Paul Beckett MMHN, RN, Sherphard Chidarikire PhD, RN, Matthew P. Scott BSc (Nursing), RN, Monica D. Guha MMHN, RN, Tammy Tran Merrick MPH, RN, Declan Patton PhD, RPN
Pages: 1630-1639 

Predictors of community mental health nursing services use in Switzerland: Results from a representative national survey
Christian Burr MScN, RN, Dirk Richter PhD, RN
Pages: 1640-1648 

Deliberate self-harm among adolescents: A structural equation modelling analysis
Arunothai Singtakaew RN, PhD, Nujjaree Chaimongkol RN, PhD
Pages: 1649-1663 

The role and activities of the Traveller mental health liaison nurse: Findings from a multi-stakeholder evaluation
Karin O’Sullivan BA, MA, PhD, Anne Marie Brady PhD, MSc, BSc, RGN, Carmel Downes MSc, Agnes Higgins PhD, MSc, BNS, RPN, RGN, Louise Doyle PhD, MSc, BNS, RPN, Thomas McCann McCann, BSc, MA, Brian Keogh PhD, MSc, BNS, RPN
Pages: 1664-1673 

Perceived COVID-19-associated discrimination, mental health and professional-turnover intention among frontline clinical nurses: The mediating role of resilience
Leodoro J. Labrague PhD, CHSE, CHE, Janet Alexis A. De los Santos PhD, RN, Dennis C. Fronda MAN, RN
Pages: 1674-1683

Nurses’ experiences of providing care during the COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan: A qualitative study
Hwey-Fang Liang PhD, RN, Yi-Chen Wu MSc, PT, Chien-Yu Wu BSN, RN
Pages: 1684-1692 

A !rst-hand experience of co-design in mental health service design: Opportunities, challenges, and lessons
Rachel Marie Tindall BN, MANP (mental health), PhD, Melissa Ferris BBus, GradCertPubAdv, MAICD, Meredith Townsend, Gayle Boschert BSc (Biochem), GradDipNutr&Diet, MAICD, Steven Moylan BSc, BMBS (Hons), MPH, MPM, MBA, PhD, FRANZCP
Pages: 1693-1702 

‘You get this conflict between you as a person and you in your role…that changes you’: A thematic analysis of how inpatient psychiatric healthcare staff in the UK experience restraint, seclusion, and other restrictive practices
Michelle Mooney BSc, Ava Kanyeredzi PhD
Pages: 1703-1712 

Nursing handover involving consumers on inpatient mental healthcare units: A qualitative exploration of the consumers’ perspective
Ellen Van de Velde MSc, Ann Van Hecke MSc, PhD, Naomi Van Cleemput MSc, Kristof Eeckloo LLM, PhD, Simon Malfait RN, MSc, PhD
Pages: 1713-1725

Feature article

An integrated review of the barriers and facilitators for accessing and engaging with mental health in a rural setting
Philip Ferris-Day RN, MMH, Karen Hoare PhD NP MSc, Rhonda L. Wilson RN, CMHN, BNSc, MN (Hons), PhD, Claire Minton RN, PhD, Andrea Donaldson PhD, MSc, BSc, BN, CATE, RCN. December 2021. 
IJMHN 30(6), pages 1525-1538

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