Resignation of NZNO Board members Anne Daniels, Katrina Hopkinson and Sela Ikavuka

Campaign flyer for Members Action Group candidates in the 2019 NZNO Board election.

The public statement below, from NZNO Board members Anne Daniels, Katrina Hopkinson and Sela Ikavuka, is reproduced here for ease of ongoing reference. It is reposted from:

“To NZNO members.

Yesterday, we, Anne, Katrina and Sela, resigned from the board of directors Toputanga Taphuhi Kaitiaki O Aotearoa New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO). We felt left with no other option as the values we campaigned on, Transparency, Unity, and Action, and our personal and professional values were constantly compromised. To remain would be condoning behaviour we know does not meet the members standards.

We believe NZNO and the board should be a safe place to be. However right from the start, we were required to sign a confidentiality agreement before our first meeting. We understand now that this was a relatively new requirement for the board.

Unfortunately, unresolved issues, not of our making, and the continuation of these issues, hampered our ability to focus on the members. With the recent resignation of both the President and the Vice President we urge all members to ask questions and demand answers. This is, after all, our union.

We will continue to work for nurses and nursing in different ways, as colleagues, delegates and activists.

Anne, Katrina and Sela.”

Additional information: This group comprised the three top polling candidates in the last NZNO election.

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